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  Pressure sets
Tecnoplus A horitzontal, multiphase, centrifugal pump with ESD electronic regulation for changing speed and built-in pressure sensor.
Maximum confort at low cost. Compact unit with constant pressure for domestic applications, without fluctuations and electrical saving. Easy to install and plug&pump design.
Tecnoplus technical sheet
  Vertical multi-stage pumps
  MULTI 45
Multi Quiet running vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps supplied with flanges .
Spray irrigation systems, hydropneumatic sets and industrial installations .
Multi 45 technical sheet
Plug & Pump. ESPA Engineering

Simplicity. Efficiency. Savings.
The reduced weight and size of Tecnoplus and its all-in-one design make it easy to handle, saving installation time and space.

Tecnoplus, the most advanced option in household water pressure appliances, with ESPA guarantee of reliability.
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